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Personal Health, Personal Wealth, Home Based Business, Fun Based Training, Caring Mentorship
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"I would give up all my Wealth…if only I could
recover my Health."

This realization unfortunately comes too late for many of us, and 25 years ago it was almost too late for Randall Burt. His recovery from serious health challenges meant a second chance to get it right. He believes we can have both vibrant Health and significant Wealth, provided we find the perfect balance in our life.

That perfect balance for Randall has been the Wellness Industry and Network Marketing! Applying one of his basic principles of “Duplicate or Die”, Randall has risen to the top of several companies over the past two decades! Company owners have hired and consulted with Randall. Editors of Success Magazine and Upline Magazine have reported on his remarkable success systems. Thousands have attended his Health & Business Coaching Workshops.

From his headquarters in Billings, Montana, Randall shares his principles of success with anyone who desires a life of enhanced Health & Prosperity. Our company’s revolutionary formulas are of the highest quality, earning it the well-deserved position as the World Leader in Nutritional Cleansing. In just 9 years, with products created by one of the finest Research Scientists in the Wellness Industry, hundreds of thousands of people have reached a greater level of health and well being.

Our company’s Team Compensation Plan provides a logical and rewarding pathway to a better financial future. It truly rewards personal effort, and allows everyone to leverage their time while helping others achieve success. Our company’s vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest health-and-wellness company in the world.

“With its “no-compromise” approach to quality, this company is
changing the lives of people dramatically—and blazing a trail to rapid growth.”

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